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It’s All About Efficiency and Safety at Greenvale School

About Greenvale School

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Roanoke-based Greenvale School is a non-profit school focused on providing low cost, high-quality childcare, and preschool programming to children of working families. They are the only non-profit childcare and preschool program in the Roanoke Valley and also provide scholarship financial assistance, based on each family’s unique financial situation. They cultivate the growth of each child to his or her full potential by providing a comprehensive range of services and supports parents’ efforts to build a secure and prosperous future for their families.

At Greenvale it is all about efficiency and safety. The teachers are required to maintain a child to teacher ratio at all times. This allows them to focus on the children’s safety and educational needs.

When their existing phone set up began to reach the end of its useful life in May 2017, they recognized that it didn’t have the functionality that might enable them to do their jobs more efficiently and keep their attention focused on their students. Greenvale turned to Tech Squared, Inc. to review their needs and recommend a solution to fit their requirements. Tech Squared understood the teachers needs for efficiency and safety and introduced Greenvale to the Allworx communication system.

Allworx Reach ApplicationThe former system was just a typical school intercom system in the classrooms and the only phones were located in the administrative office. The Allworx system replaced their one-way communication system to allow for two-way communication between all areas of the school and classes. It also provided phones in each classroom.

The Allworx system and Allworx Reach Software allows the administrative staff to use cell phones as an extension of the office phone system, enabling them to place and receive calls regardless of location.  With the reach mobile application, they can place calls from their cell phones just as if they were sitting at their desk, maintaining the same features and functionality of their desk phone.

Adding a level of safety was also a concern, Greenvale school was excited that their new phone system also integrated with their security system. This allows them to key in the passcode to unlock the door from their office phones or cell phones.  When working with small children, having the ability to call 911 from any classroom has been a huge safety feature.

LeeAnn Linkenhoker, Executive Director of Greenvale School had this to say, “Not only have we gained efficiency in our day to day work, we are now safer. The ability to call 911 from each classroom has been crucial to ensuring the safety of our students.”

With Allworx and Tech Squared, Inc., Greenvale teachers and office staff have gained more time and security, enabling them to grow and nurture children to their full potential.

Solutions Personalized for Greenvale

Phone System

Allworx Connect 536

IP Phones:

Allworx Verge 9308 (x5)
Allworx 9202E (x15)

Software Features:


Allworx Connect 536 and 530Allworx Verge 9308 Allworx 9202E