Time Clock

How to Determine How Much Your Employees’ Time Is Worth

There are often extra tasks that need to be done in a business. To determine whether it is best to do them in-house or outsource them, it helps to know what your employees’ time is worth. Here is a straightforward calculation you can use.

In small and midsized businesses, there are often tasks that need to be done but they do not warrant hiring an employee to perform them. For example, a business might need someone to clean the office once a week, back up files every evening, or complete a one-time project.

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Employee turnover

5 Ways to Prepare for Employee Turnover in Your IT Department

The sudden departure of an employee can be disruptive to your business, but the disruption can be more serious if the employee is a member of your IT department. You could be left scrambling to find backup files or service contracts and account passwords. Plus, IT tasks like installing software updates may not get done, putting your company at greater risk for cyber-attacks. Even worse, you might be unable to solve computer problems that are hampering crucial business operations. For these reasons, you should be

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The Dangers Lurking When Employees Use Work Email Addresses for Personal Use

Many companies likely have had their email credentials compromised without realizing it. In September 2016, researchers revealed that they found about 5 million unique business email credentials stored in hackers’ dump sites and other underground cyber markets. When the researchers crosschecked the compromised email addresses against the domains of the top 1,000 companies in the FORBES Global 2000 list, they found that 97 percent of those organizations had at least one of their email addresses listed for sale in the underground cyber markets.

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