Digital Security

4 Security and Privacy Dangers Businesses Might Encounter in 2018

Data breaches and ransomware are not the only dangers your business might face in 2018. Here are four predictions you should be aware of when developing your security and data privacy strategies.

Data breaches and ransomware took center stage in 2017. Not surprisingly, they will continue to cause concern for companies worldwide in 2018. However, these types of attacks are not the only ones you need to consider when developing your security and data privacy strategies. Experts are making some alarming predictions on what companies might have to face in 2018. Here are four predictions you should be aware of:

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Time Clock

How to Determine How Much Your Employees’ Time Is Worth

There are often extra tasks that need to be done in a business. To determine whether it is best to do them in-house or outsource them, it helps to know what your employees’ time is worth. Here is a straightforward calculation you can use.

In small and midsized businesses, there are often tasks that need to be done but they do not warrant hiring an employee to perform them. For example, a business might need someone to clean the office once a week, back up files every evening, or complete a one-time project.

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Allworx Phones for Greenvale School

It’s All About Efficiency and Safety at Greenvale School

About Greenvale School

Greenvale School Logo

Roanoke-based Greenvale School is a non-profit school focused on providing low cost, high-quality childcare, and preschool programming to children of working families. They are the only non-profit childcare and preschool program in the Roanoke Valley and also provide scholarship financial assistance, based on each family’s unique financial situation. They cultivate the growth of each child to his or her full potential by providing a comprehensive range of services and supports parents’ efforts to build a secure and prosperous future for their families.

At Greenvale it is all about efficiency and safety. The teachers are required to maintain a child to teacher ratio at all times. This allows them to focus on the children’s safety and educational needs.

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